Sunday, June 14, 2009

What's with this word "paiyya" ..

Hey friends... having lived in chandigarh for the past 4 years, apart from learning punjabi and its very sweet n love shedding abuses on 'maas' and 'behans', a word that i have come across very frequently is "paiyya" (pronounced as bhaiya with the 'bh' replaced by the sound of 'p').

People here use this word for the people of UP and Bihar. When I asked some of my friends about what do they actually intent at saying when they call these people 'paiyya', the answer i got form them was something like -- these are like low-standard people, who dont have as good an etiquette as we have, and their way of carrying themselves and the style of talking is so backward and funny.

I dont know why these Chandigarh people brag so much about their English speaking and lavish style of living, when they actually dont have any sense of carrying themslves. Imagine a "non-paiyya" jatt wearing Tommy Hilfiger Clothes, Ray Ban goggles, getting out of his Skoda at Stu-C, taking his Apple I-phone out from his pocket, dialling a number and saying -- "Hor payi kiddaan.." (Hey bro! Hw r u??)

Why do the people here judge a person from his physical appearance? Everyone cant be rich enough to wear only branded underwears. I have met a lot of so-called "paiyyas" and have observed that their level of thinking, the smartness and aptitude with which they can handle even extremely difficult situations is much more superior than many of those "self-acclaimed" smart Chandigarh people.

What i want to say is that we (the Chandigarh people) may be blessed with prosperity in terms of money, but we must learn to respect the fact that prosperity has two components -- money and brain. Having just one of them doesn't make us prosperous, and even if we have both it does not give us the right to criticise or abuse others. We must stop such discrimination n stop using such words against our own countrymen, because before belonging to UP, Bihar or Chandigarh we belong to India and we must respect each other to gain respect for our country, first from within itself and then from the outside world..