Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Training is over and as a happy surprise I'm going to be paid just for warming my seat (better say bench :)) in my office, atleast for the next 2 weeks.
Enjoying the SARKARI feel in the PRIVATE NAUKRY, a sweet memory from my training period at Mysore came to my mind. Here it is..

Stream training was over and we were free to enjoy, to be happy, to do whatever we felt like doing or to not to do any damn thing (the last one being the most popular thought). But as the weekend next to our Stream Compre Exam passed, I found an unpleasant, and a completely unexpected, emptiness surrounding me. In this emptiness came the realisation that quite contrary to my frustu beleif that the only role we played during the training was that of some fortunate under-privileged students being paid by the company for OUR learning, all of us were playing some very small but an important role in each others' lives. These roleplays were overlooked because of the immense workload, but, through this post, i just dont want them to go unnoticed. Now when i look back at these roleplays, and their players, a nice little smile comes on my face & that makes this memory very pleasant. These roles helped me sail through the EXTREME training and also helped me learn a lot of things apart from the usual # include and other such freaking stuff.. Here i mention a few of those very lovable roles:

The Stand Up Comedian, who presented some very serious facts about "how our asses gonna be brutally beaten up during the training" in the most comical way possible. The laziest leech and a hardcore Sachin fan, and the one who definitely knew how to make his friends smile.. A natural leader, and a man with a tremendous respect for women.

The tea-time critic of Infosys, govt policies and GALS. A walking encyclopaedia of current affairs. HARYANVI aur CHAI are the perfect combination for a stress-bursting afternoon break.

The 5-pointer devil who simply enjoyed telling us about the vastness of the assignments and the projects lying ahead. Also, the most cunning DEALER when it came to MONOPOLY (a flash game we played during the training).
The most irritating OSHO, whom I called DADA, who was at the receiving end of the regular beating by his peers, constantly abused, but still had all of us as his followers. The most hated but still the most accepted Project Leader of our POST project.

The coolest and the most tension-free SLEEPING SHEEP (with a smile ;)), who just didnt have any idea about what was happening throughout our project, but still managed to complete the training comfortably.
The semi-HARYANVI fan of historical leaders, who always had his "flying high" experiences of "drugs" and other such "far-from-our-thinking-domain" stuff for all of us.

It was a nice little experience of life with all these fellows, and getting posted to Chandigarh DC with a few of them promises another pleasant experience ahead. I do hope that I also played some role in their lives, so they remember me the same way they all will be remembered by me.. :)

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