Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dil Chahata Hai Fort, Panaji - Goa..

Here i quote one of the best experiences of my life in the past 4 years...
After getting free from the CAT and other MBA entrance exmas, I and my friends planned a trip to Goa in Jan this year. Here is an account of one of the days on the trip..
After spending the day at Vegator and Miramar beaches, we ended up at the Chapora Fort (more commonly known as the "Dil Chahata Hai" fort). Having been tired of the entire days travel and the heat, at first I was irresolute in deciding whether to walk up the hill to reach the fort or to go back to our guest house and rest. But then, because of the insistance of some friends and also because of some unknown desire I decided to go ahead.
As soon as I reached the hill top I realised that the decision I took was the best one I had taken on the entire trip. We reached the fort at around sunset time. Sea breeze was blowing and the entire city of Goa could be seen from the top. It was only us and the "mother nature" around us, earth in its crude form. The cooling breeze vanquished all our tiredness. I could feel a sense of purity & spirituality in each and every breath I took.
Although we were six friends, but fortunatley I got some time to spend with one of my friends whose thoughts in the field of spiritual and rational thinking I respect the most. The association of the movie tag "Dil Chahata Hai" with the fort made the atmosphere around that of true friendship. As the movie had 3 friends, I very strongly missed Kakkar(Ankur) over there,who was not there because of some freaking "family function" of his in Delhi. However, coming back to the fort, when I told my friend about how I wanted the serenity of that moment to continue throughout my life, he told me some very nice things. He told me that feeling that sense of purity is what spirituality is all about. He made a very good point -- if sea had no waves i.e. if the sea was not active then it would have lost its essence. It is its duty to keep itself turbulent and if it does not comply to this duty, which is assigned to it by 'nature', then its existence is meaningless. Similarly, if you are not doing what you are supposed to do, which is again decided by the 'nature', then you are existing without any meaning.
Aim of a person should be to work towards attaining that sense of purity & serenity (which is what actually 'spirituality' is), and the duty of every person is to work towards attaining that aim.
With that small conversation coming to an end, the Sun was set and my other friends returned, and we started our journey back to the guest house. Those 20 mins spend with my friend, at the place attributed to true friendship, form one of the best memories of my engineering life..


  1. let me guess is that friend saurabh from ece

  2. aww thats so sweet and boring neeraj.. please post something interesting and funny in your blog so that we read something thats more useful rather than just plain old boring "best moments of my life" stuff..:)

  3. point taken mohit..
    new to this blog thing, will learn soon, but i have to say that may be some other people may not find the stuff boring or whatever, my intent was to share some experiences that i considered special.. neways i'll try to put something interesting and funny for u in the next post.. :)

  4. Hey buddy, nw i got, y u used 2 say dat it was realy nemorable...hey u got dis experience n i got a similar kindf frm rajat, bt da roles were diff, me in place f sujeet... all drama, wat cn happen nxt moment no1 knws n these unexpectd happengs r da true delights f r life for whch v hadn`t evn a single thought...

  5. k don, but i would like to listen to the experience u had with rajat... may be there's something about that place that causes people to have that feeling of spirituality...
    Aur waise bhi Amir Khan aise hi kisi jagah ko nahi chunta apni movies k liye .. :)