Monday, May 25, 2009

Globalisation -- Attack in Austria, riots in India

Once again, there's only one story airing on all news channels - "Riots in Punjab, again".
When i heard the news, the first feeling I had was that of sorrow, but when i got to know the cause of the riots i felt disgusted.

The verdict of this year's elections clearly shows that the people of India have voted for a govt that can take our country to a very respectable place on the global map in terms of development and globalisation. But, will the govt be able to work on this agenda of development if the very first thing that it has to handle, after being elected, is this unwanted and ever-concluding internal violence?

I don't think that India can climb up the ladder of global recognition, in terms of development, if it continues to be involved in such incidents. These incidents are happening very frequently in our country - be it in the form of a protest over some 'Dera' chief's public act, or the beating up of girls in Karnataka, or the gujjar-meena conflict, or the amarnath land row, or the injustice done to the people from UP and Bihar in Maharashtra. And now this..

All these people, who are involved in the violence, call themselves to be the beleivers of God and the followers of the His teachings given to them by one of His messengers. But did their God convey any such message of destruction and hatred against the common innocent people? Did Guru Nanak preach to burn the buses in anger, or did Sri Ram tell his people to beat girls?

What do the buses and trains in Punjab have to do with the killing of a man in Vienna ? Why burning trains and damaging public properties, and harming innocent people, when they have got nothing to do with the incident?

When is all this meaningless fighting going to come to an end? The peole of India, be of any cast or religion, must try and move towards a broader and a more tolerant way of thinking and acting. People have to start thinking practically and more 'nationally' than 'regionally'. If a step is not taken in this direction, a better India is far from being even at the horizon..


  1. i couldnt agree more neeraj.... this is the umpteenth case of rioting in punjab.. and they are only making it clear that they simply look fo excuses to cause chaos and mayhem....
    it is the most unproductive and misdirected use of energy .
    merely hoping for things to change wont do any good,we need a change in the mindset and we need a change in the attitude of people... people need to "understand" !!

  2. i agree with you neeraj..
    all these things are bad for the nation and it is also giving wrong impression to other countries too..
    we have to look forward and come out of religious fights .. at the time when world is suffering from recession our only concern should be to make india progress ... we have to work hard to take india forward.. only a single incident like this had caused so much loss of money nd infrastructure..
    i hope people dont get emotional w/o knowing the cause and performing the acts for which they need to repent later

  3. Hey neeraj, first of all nice job man...but wat u think, people doesnt knw all dis, atleast every educated guy does, knows watz the reason behind all dis...
    all this happens at a very high level( politically) and a normal citizen of india just like u n me cannot normalize the situations as u need certain status or political powers to take the people behind u, who can take some worthy initiatives, oterwise there have been many NGO`S who would have taken initiatives in some regard (might be not be the same as v r discussing abt), but wat the results were ???
    there are so many caste , relegions,low community people, so many political parties ,and many many more`s not dat easy to carry them all together satisfactorily... ya i agree dat doesnt mean v shouldnt make nay efforts in dis regard but

    what my perspective is that ki, if the same initiative would be taken by peole like rahul gandhi or sachin pilot or the young well known bloods then it could be worth or can brought some practical changes which could be a step towards better india, because v middle class guys can only talk dis should be done , this nt fair , this shouldnt happen but in practicality its these people who r the real kings , who can make things done , if they desire... but nyways for us still its better doing this way rather doing all dat crap, bizzare talks...