Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hi friends.. welcome to my blog..

Here i am...I have long been willing to maintain a blog and now its being done. My college is just over and the only happy thing about it is that i have successfully become an engineer, with a secured job, for the time being ;). Now that many of the people, who had become an important part of my life in these 4 years of engineering, will be moving away from me, here comes my blog where i will share some of the most amazing experiences of my college-cum-hostel life : some fun moments, some ever-lasting memories, some learning experiences and some insight gained into the meaning of life and its various aspects..
Also there will be an exchange of thoughts on various other topics like politics, sports etc but those will be subdued until I get over this "leaving the college" thing ..:)


  1. It wud be nice to follow ur blog neeraj. Go ahead :)

  2. hey, thanks kinshuk.. i hope u'll like it..
    will be sharing my first experience soon, keep waiting..

  3. o pehle jo parties due rehti hain wo de...
    then we will see about this blog thing..

  4. Bravo! Would be interesting read!